Dice Kayek
Caftan, Dome, and Hagia Sophia, from the ‘Istanbul Contrast’ collection
Hand woven lame brocade, light weight cotton, hand stitched embroidery and antique glass beads

Dice Kayek is a fashion label that was established in Paris in 1992 by sisters Ece and Ayse Ege. The collection ‘Istanbul Contrast’ consists of 26 designs, which evoke Istanbul’s architectural and artistic heritage. Caftan, made of hand-woven lamé brocade, refers to the luxurious robes worn by the city’s former Ottoman rulers. For Dome, light-weight cotton organdie was folded to echo the ribs of lead-covered domes of the city’s mosques and palaces. Hagia Sophia, a white satin coat with complex, hand-stitched embroidery and ancient glass beads, was inspired by Byzantine mosaics.